go local community interest company
local resources for local communities


Are you a not for profit entity interested in local food, open spaces and greening your environment? If so then read on because go local community interest company can meet your needs.

go local is a  company that will encourage and assist local communities to establish projects with the objective of growing and distributing food, making open spaces more accessible and improving the local environment.

It will provide the skills and expertise to achieve this and will also assist in the following infrastructure areas to ensure groups are properly established and viable moving forward.

go local has expertise in the following areas;

  1. environmental awareness
  2. financial education
  3. deverloping outcome monitoring
  4. governance

If you feel that go local can assist you either in the area of food production or infrastructure support then contact;

Tony Rowell


9 Laughton Lodge, Laughton, East Sussex BN8 6BY.

Tel:07714 099481